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- James K.
Okemos, MI

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The Best Dental Experience You’ve Ever Had

Dr. Grady is a regular participant in both the Give Back a Smile Program (GBAS) and the local ABC affiliate’s Extreme Makeover series.  Two of his favorite successes are Sally and Tonya.


The GBAS is directed toward survivors of domestic abuse. Oftentimes the cycle of abuse is physical and results in damaged smiles and other times the abuse is one of neglect or controlling of finances that do not allow for personal care of the abused. “Sally” (not her real name), was a victim of both physical and neglectful abuse. After she had made all the necessary steps to recovery, she was ready to fix her smile so going to job interviews was not embarrassing. After working with Dr. Grady, Sally could smile proudly and feel confident.

Grady says, “I am really proud of Sally. I feel privileged and honored to utilize my skills to better her chances at an improved life.”

Read more about Sally’s story here.


Many contestants were interviewed for The Extreme Makeover episodes, but Tonya stood out as a great candidate to the entire team of physicians. She had a lot of things she wanted changed about her look and smile.

In particular, she really hated, as she put it, the “bulldog” appearance of her smile and felt the color of her teeth was far too dark for her complexion. Dr. Grady consulted with Tonya and formulated a plan.

Over the next few weeks, a whole new look and appearance was created for Tonya. It was very diligent and detailed work and Dr. Grady, Tonya, and the rest of the team are all very pleased with her results. This huge transformation for Tonya is just one example of what a smile makeover can do!